Redefining The Top 1%

Through Shepherd Leadership

We must put “We” before “I”. We must put people first.

Entering the workforce, we’re not taught to become leaders. We’re taught to focus on our own performance and growth. When we step into leadership roles, too often we aren’t equipped with the tools to lead well—to serve our teams as a role model, mentor, resource, and protector. But I firmly believe that only when we do that—serve and protect those we lead—do we accomplish true Top 1% performance.

If we want to improve the world and build winning organizations, we must put “we” before “I”. We must put people first.

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Become a Shepherd Leader


What Other Leaders are Saying

Your roadmap to purposeful leadership and top performance

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been obsessed with studying the daily practices of the world’s best leaders and top performers—those in the Top 1%. 

It turns out, they all share 7 key behaviors and a deep focus on the people they have the privilege of leading.
In my upcoming book, Redefining The Top 1%, I explore those behaviors and how those of us striving to be the best leaders for our organizations, teams, and families can break free of our egos and put others before ourselves in order to guide, support, and protect as a true Shepherd Leader.

A manifesto to begin your transformation

Don’t wait for the book!

My Redefining The Top 1% Leadership Manifesto breaks down each of the 7 behaviors that drive real Shepherd Leadership, so you can learn what it really takes to become a powerful leader for others and start building these behaviors into your life now.


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