3 Resources You Must Investigate

With the podcast’s objective of providing knowledge as much as we can, our overall goal is to deliver the truth to our listeners. With this in mind, today’s episode is all about three resources that you must investigate. This might be a little bit different from our previous episodes but this sure will tickle your brain. Tune in and enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

●      What is QAnon? [2:40]

●      The Creature from Jekyll Island [7:20]

●      Out of Shadows Documentary [8:00]

●      Q’s Latest Post [9:00]


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

●      Check out @prayingmedic on Twitter

●      Read here if you want to know more about QAnon.

●      Check out these live online classes that may help you jumpstart your why.

●      If you have questions, you may contact Dr. Trevor Blattner at trevor@drtrevorblattner.com


“Things aren’t always what they seem. It’s important to protect your mind and your thinking and being aware of the information you are taking in on a regular basis.”

“Why is free thought ridiculed, challenged, and threatened when a person has opposed the “mainstream narrative”?

“What happens when the news is no longer trustworthy? What happens when the news simply becomes an extension of a political party?”

“Free thought is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on a basis of logic, reason, and empiricism rather than authority, tradition, revelation or dogma.”