Bankable Leadership with Dr. Tasha Eurich

Being self-aware is easier said than done which is why I’m very happy to sit down and pick the brain of Dr. Tasha Eurich, an organizational psychologist, executive coach, researcher, and New York Times best-selling author. Her mission in life is to help people become the best of who they are and what they do. She’s built a reputation as a fresh, modern voice in the business world by pairing her scientific grounding in human behavior with a pragmatic approach to professional development.

As a global thought leader, Tasha has been named one of the top 30 emerging management thinkers (Thinkers50), the #1 self-awareness coach (Marshall Goldsmith/Thinkers50), and the #1 organizational culture and #5 communication expert (GlobalGurus). She was also chosen from more than 16,000 candidates as one of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s “100 Coaches” to advance the practice of leadership (Dr. Goldsmith is recognized as the world’s most influential leadership thinker).

Tasha’s first book, Bankable Leadership, debuted at #8 on the The New York Times bestseller list in 2013. Her latest book, Insight, delves into the connection between self-awareness and success.

In this episode, we dive into the surprising findings from Tasha’s multi-year research program on self-awareness and how it can help us to become an extraordinary leader.

Episode Highlights:

  • Two Categories of Self-Awareness [3:18]
  • Common Myths on Self-Awareness [6:35]
  • Key Behaviors Self-Aware Leaders Have [11:15]
  • Questions to Ask Yourself to Recognize Your Values [18:30]
  • The Importance of Self-Care [21:05]
  • Building a Self-Aware Team [24:55]
  • Book Recommendations [30:25]


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  • Do you want to know how self-aware you are? Take this quiz to find out. The 5-minute Insight Quiz will help you learn more about how you—and someone who knows you well—view your self-awareness.
  • Be an extraordinary leader with The Future Ready Leader Course. Gain measurable and sustainable improvements to your self-awareness and become an agile and adaptable future-ready leader.
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“To be self-aware, we can’t just have one of those two types of self-knowledge. We really have to develop both.”

“These ‘why’ questions aren’t particularly helpful when it comes to increasing our self-awareness. What’s better to ask are ‘what’ questions.”

“Most self-aware people ask themselves really simple questions.”

“Humble people are also highly self-aware. They tend to sort of co-exist. People who are narcissistic, on the other hand of the spectrum, tend to be highly unself-aware.”

“You are the captain of your self-awareness ship.”

“As leaders, if we have nothing left for ourselves, we have nothing left to give to our team.”

“Your team can also be as self-aware as you are.”