Redefining The Top 1%: 

7 Behaviors That Drive Shepherd Leadership

Called to lead, called to serve

You are called to lead and influence in a powerful way—as a protector, guide, and mentor. Our community’s mission is to help you step into the role and fulfill that purpose by building the skills, behaviors, and wisdom to become a real Shepherd Leader.

And it starts with learning how to lead yourself.

To be truly effective, we first have to develop an understanding of how we think and what we feel and believe. This understanding improves our capacity for understanding, provides clarity in direction and action, and enables us to develop stronger relationships and, ultimately, deliver better results.

Shepherding ourselves and our teams to top performance

Something is profoundly wrong. In the last decade, people around the world have reported increased unhappiness in work and leadership. How do we address this? 

Dr. Trevor Blattner has spent years studying the practices of the Top 1% of the world’s leaders. As he’s found, those leaders share 7 behaviors that have ultimately propelled them and their teams to success and stopped the downward trend in work and life dissatisfaction. Simply, they put people first, leading—and truly serving—both themselves and those around them. 

If we want to reach Top 1% performance, wealth, and influence in our fields, we must also put people first. We must cultivate the behaviors and understanding to become real Shepherd Leaders, guiding our teams, families, and organizations to growth, success, and, yes, happiness.

Ready to dive in?

Entering the workforce, we’re not taught to become leaders. We’re taught to focus on our own performance and growth. When we step into leadership roles, too often we aren’t equipped with the tools to lead well—to serve our teams as a role model, mentor, resource, and protector. But I firmly believe that only when we do that—serve and protect those we lead—do we accomplish true Top 1% performance.

If we want to improve the world and build winning organizations, we must put “we” before “I”. We must put people first.


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