Ep #03: Taking Responsibility In Order to Take Control of Your Life with Adam Lamb

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I am responsible. Those are three of the most powerful and transformative words a person can say, as personal responsibility—or lack thereof—is often the key difference between success and failure. And while it’s true that we can’t control what happens to us in most circumstances, we can and must control how we respond to and progress through inevitable adversities. My guest today is a living testament to that fact.

Adam Lamb is a speaker, author, and relationship guide for men of all ages, assisting them to reconnect with their authentic masculine power through one-on-one and group coaching, programs, and immersive retreats. The host of the weekly live video show, Morning MANifesto, Adam has published three books, including Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, Profanity and Its Proper Use, and An Initiated Man, Finally, which is a #1 Amazon bestseller.

In this episode, Adam opens up about his personal struggles along his journey to finally taking ownership of himself and his past mistakes. Listen in to hear how he was able to take back his power and control over his own life, advice he would give his younger self, and what he says are essential habits for becoming successful.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Adam’s upbringing and early experiences have impacted his life up to this point.
  • The important exercise that led to his first major breakthrough around taking ownership of who he is.
  • Why putting all your focus into a single goal can be problematic.
  • What Adam would say to his 20-year-old self if he could go back in time.
  • Books that have enriched his life.
  • How Adam wants to be remembered.
  • Advice for the next generation of achievers and leaders.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Nowadays, I think our emotional pain can be so acute that the ego confuses it with physical pain and wants to keep us safe. … But a safe life is very often all about surviving, and I truly believe that we’re here not to survive,… Click To Tweet
Taking responsibility for myself—that was the start of, what I like to say, I started owning all of who I was. – @adammlamb Click To Tweet
Sometimes being focused on a single thing can be a detriment to our journey because there’s all kinds of things that we’re not aware of and that can go right past us. -@adammlamb Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: