Ep #06: Serving Humanity and Becoming the Leader That the World Needs with Ben Gioia

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My guest today is a two-time bestselling author and international speaker who makes mindfulness and service central to everything he teaches. The president of InfluenceWithAHeart.com, Ben Gioia partners with entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants, and coaches to bring their vision, message, and impact to the world.

After his experience trekking—and almost dying—in the mountains of South India, Ben discovered a fire inside to serve, and today his teachings are used by more than 20,000 people worldwide. In this episode, he shares the important lessons he learned along his journey to fulfillment, why it’s important for all of us to consider ourselves leaders, and so much more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Ben’s near-death experiences shaped his life today.
  • His major breakthrough moments.
  • Habits that help develop work-life balance.
  • How to show people that you understand them and care about them.
  • Key things to implement in order to improve your ability to lead others.
  • Books that have impacted Ben’s life.
  • The major failures he has learned from.
  • Tips for differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

This world, the people you love, and everybody else around us needs all of us to be the leaders that we are. – @BenGioia Click To Tweet
Know your audience and know what they want so you can deliver the transformation that best serves them, and that is also best aligned with who you are and why you’re on the earth. – @BenGioia Click To Tweet
When we wake up to who we are, we are happy, joyous, calm, connected, and free. -@BenGioia Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: