Ep #08: Making Hiring Easier and More Effective with Brad Owens

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The hiring process has become overcomplicated and overwhelming for the job seeker as well as those doing the hiring. Brad Owens is an incredible HR and hiring expert who joins us and shares why this process needs to be simplified on all sides and how you can make steps to do that. He shares some truly valuable advice that will help you avoid common hiring mistakes and attract the talent (or job) that is the perfect fit for you.

Brad shares a bit of his career journey and sheds some light on how curiosity was a valuable part of the process. He also talks about how important it is (especially as an entrepreneur) to regularly evaluate yourself and intentionally pay attention to your personal development and progress. When it comes to being effective in life and in hiring, Brad has a ton of helpful tips on how to get rid of the distractions and get the results you want and need.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Who Brad is and how he found his way into HR and hiring.
  • What he learned to do in order to beat depression or anxiety surrounding his work.
  • Mistakes people make while going through the hiring process.
  • How people tend to overcomplicate things and how to avoid doing that.
  • How he got started working for bigger companies.
  • Why solopreneurs and entrepreneurs have a bigger opportunity for change than the bigger companies.
  • Habits to develop that will help you improve.
  • Why you should be hiring people smarter than you and different from you.
  • Why hiring is advertising and not just a list of demands.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

It’s not that they’re not motivated – they’re just not motivated to work for you. You don’t want that person. You want the person motivated to work for you. – @bradowens Click To Tweet
You can teach a skill, you can’t teach someone to be aligned with your mission and the values you have. – @bradowens Click To Tweet
Even those people who you think have it all together, they don’t know a thing. Lots of people are faking it until they’re making it. -@bradowens Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: