Ep #11: Setting Goals and Turning Them Into Reality with Jeramy Freeman

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My guest today is a highly motivated and accomplished individual, and I know he will inspire everyone who listens to this interview. Jeramy Freeman is a professional athlete and trainer who has been highlighted, promoted, and published in every major health and fitness and muscle magazine in the world over the last ten years.

The most photographed bodybuilder in the world from 2000 to 2001, Jeramy now provides fitness and nutritional guidance for countless athletes—including NHL hockey players, UFC and MMA fighters, Division I athletes, and more—as well as recruits entering the military, corporate execs, and real-life everyday people. In addition to being the only professional in his class to formulate, create, and represent his own line of health supplement products, he’s a successful entrepreneur and owner of many business endeavors. He’s also the author of Choices, a guidebook to help readers instill specific characteristics that will allow them to make habitual higher-level choices so that they can live a more extraordinary life.

In this episode, Jeramy shares how he has become what he calls a “professional goal-achiever.” Listen in to hear his inspiring story, the important lessons he’s learned throughout his career, and advice on defining your own goals and turning them into reality.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Jeramy’s early life and childhood shaped his strong work ethic.
  • The important lesson his bodybuilding career taught him.
  • How he grew his fan base by giving.
  • Jeramy’s first major breakthrough.
  • The lowest point of his life.
  • Books that have had a big impact on the person he is today.
  • Habits to adopt in order to push yourself in a positive direction.
  • Jeramy’s definition of success
  • How he became the caricature for Mr. Incredible.
  • What he wants to be remembered for.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

You’ve gotta take different challenges and overcome different obstacles, and the better you become at doing those things, the faster you see that success is inevitable. -@FreemanFormula- Click To Tweet
For me, it wasn’t a breakthrough that I knew I was going to be successful; it was a breakthrough for me to realize that it is up to me to do what it takes to get to where I want to be. -@FreemanFormula Click To Tweet
You’ve gotta go above and beyond. You’ve gotta do more than everybody else is doing. You’ve gotta stop and think, ‘what is it that nobody else is doing that I can do?’ And when you start operating from that space, you realize that… Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: