Ep #15: Examining Your Relationship with Money with Leslie Juvin-Acker

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My guest today has over ten years of experience as a career development and emotional intelligence expert for global industry leaders, including IBM, Adidas, and Facebook. President and Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc., Leslie Juvin-Acker has coached hundreds of individuals and helped them overcome divorce, career transitions, and debt.

As a survivor of working poverty herself, Leslie believes that everybody is capable of financial abundance, and she has grown a loyal following through her unique techniques, inspirational lessons, and charismatic personality. In this episode, she shares how she helps leaders find their happiness and repair their relationship with money through her practical advice and simple solutions. Listen in to hear insights from her upcoming book, The Money Formula, the major lesson she wants everyone to take away from it, and what we all must overcome in order to achieve financial freedom.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The number one challenge people face in their financial lives.
  • What inspired Leslie to write The Money Formula.
  • A major lesson she wants readers to get from her book.
  • Tips for improving your emotional intelligence.
  • The big mistake Leslie made and what it taught her.
  • Advice for hiring competent employees.
  • Crucial habits leaders should adopt.
  • The key to being responsive instead of reactive.
  • Books that have had a major impact on Leslie.
  • How she defines success.
  • What she wants to leave as her legacy.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

We really, truly are these beings that are so intelligent in terms of our actual chemistry that we need to pay attention to how we feel. – @LeslieJuvin Click To Tweet
If we don’t take control of our emotions, then those emotions are going to take control of us, and then our business decisions are not done tactically and strategically. – @LeslieJuvin Click To Tweet
You can’t be happy if you don’t have purpose and you don’t understand why your were born into this earth. -@LeslieJuvin Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: