Ep #18: Embracing Your Gifts and Creating a Legacy of Prosperity with Luci McMonagle

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Are you missing out on or ignoring important skills or gifts? Many people do this unintentionally or out of fear. Luci McMonagle joins me on the podcast this episode to talk about realizing, harnessing and using your gifts to make a lasting legacy of prosperity. She shares her fascinating journey to understand her own gifts, how she pushed past the fear and shifted her mindset in order to become the empowering and impactful person she is today.

Luci covers a ton of really important points and shares many tips on how to tap into your skills and live a life of abundance. She talks about what it means to be a mystic wealth mentor and shares how she guides clients and works with them to remove blockages and achieve a mindset that will allow them to succeed in a powerful way. She also gives us some great information on how to figure out where to start your journey and how to avoid burnout and the negative effects it brings with it.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Lucy’s childhood full of hardship and how it effected who she is today.
  • How she found out about her unique gifts and the way she developed them.
  • The role of quantum physics and how it has been part of her training and journey.
  • What books had an impact on her life through healing and abundance.
  • Her definition of abundance and why it’s so important.
  • What it means to be a mystic wealth mentor.
  • How she helps people remove road blocks from their career path.
  • How she is helping to empower women entrepreneurs.
  • Tips on figuring out where you’re starting from and the importance of knowing this.
  • What types of skills many people miss in themselves and how to harness them.
  • Why burnout is something important to pay attention to and how to avoid it.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I was really able to tune into my ability to heal and see things that are hidden. – @lucimcmonagle Click To Tweet
Incorrect thinking can cause incorrect situations. – @lucimcmonagle Click To Tweet
In order to get out of your own way, you have to be aware of what’s blocking you. -@lucimcmonagle Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: