Ep #21: High Performance Leadership Through Feedback, Faith and Focus with Jordan Montgomery

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When it comes to being a leader and operating at a higher performance level, Jordan Montgomery seems to have mastered what it takes. Aside from waking up at 4:15 AM, Jordan has some inspiring and helpful tips on how to have a greater impact in your life, work and with your clients. From finding your blind spots through asking for feedback to the importance of relationships, there are a lot of great ways to level up.

Jordan goes over his background, why he decided to go into consulting and who he works with. He discusses the importance of seeking to understand others less than you seek to be understood and how this principle really helps his business and clients thrive. Jordan also emphasizes why you need to be examining what kinds of things you say no to and why focus is so important to being successful in anything.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Jordan’s background and small town upbringing.
  • Who he works with and why.
  • The format of how he works with clients.
  • One of the biggest mistakes people make when working with others.
  • A big tip for getting to know people better.
  • How his faith effects his ability to lead.
  • The stats on the coaching business.
  • How he and his wife work together and maintain a healthy relationship.
  • The impact of relationships on your life and vision.
  • The importance of learning to be selfless
  • Why focus is crucial to your success.
  • Jordan’s vision for his company and clients.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

One of the worst mistakes we could make as a coach or an influencer is assuming that people think the way that we think. Or worse yet, assuming that people think the way other people think. – Jordan Montgomery Click To Tweet
I don’t ever want to assume that one of my clients or somebody we’re working with is in a similar situation to any of my other clients. I want to know them for them. – Jordan Montgomery Click To Tweet
One of the things that we don’t do enough (I don’t do it enough Trevor, and I try to do it a lot more recently) is ask for feedback. – Jordan Montgomery Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: