Ep #24: Motivating Yourself and Showing Up to Create the Life You Want with Nicholas Bayerle

Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of The Billion Dollar Body, a company that helps men reach their ultimate state of health, power, and confidence. An international speaker and coach, Nicholas was rated one of the Top 30 Under 30 influencers, and has coached top male CEOs to help them prosper in all areas of their lives.

Nicholas joins the show today to share his inspiring journey from dealing with crippling anxiety and depression to speaking in front of large audiences all over the world. Listen in to learn what finally turned his life around and hear his advice for how to get on the path to clarifying your purpose, maximizing your impact, and influencing the world in a positive and powerful way.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Nicholas’ struggle with depression and anxiety led him to where he is today.
  • The mindset shift that changed everything for him.
  • Where most people get stuck when trying to make life changes.
  • What Nicholas says is the key to seeing the world transform.
  • Books that he would recommend to anyone.
  • The three core areas of wealth.
  • How Billion Dollar Body began.
  • What the name of the company means to Nicholas.
  • Why he decided to focus specifically on men.
  • The huge shift that happened after he changed his target audience.
  • Why you should always dress the part.
  • The important lessons Nicholas learned from a Navy SEAL about commitment and accepting your reality.
  • Advice for networking and approaching influencers.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Nobody should be doing anything, any day of the week—not putting one thing in their mouth, not taking one step forward—without knowing why. – @nicholasbayerle Click To Tweet
No matter where you’re at, if you work really, really hard and do it the right way and keep going, you can succeed. You should never stop doing something until you’ve succeeded. – @nicholasbayerle Click To Tweet
Read until you have something actionable, write down how you’re going to apply it, and apply it until you see a result. -@nicholasbayerle Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: