Ep #25: Building Mental Toughness in Yourself and Others with Ben Newman

How do you deal with adversity? Do you let it break you, or do you face it head-on and learn from it? My guest today is an expert at the latter, and he joins the show to share what we can all do to improve how we handle challenges in our lives so we can turn them into strengths.

Ben Newman is a high-performance coach, international speaker, bestselling author, and mental toughness trainer. His numerous past clients have included Microsoft, the United States Army, the Miami Dolphins, and the Minnesota Vikings, as well as entrepreneurs and top athletes around the world. Listen in to hear Ben’s highly sought-after advice on building confidence, motivating others, and increasing mental toughness.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The five key factors for attaining belief in yourself.
  • How to reframe negative responses.
  • When Ben realized mental toughness would be his area of expertise.
  • How his mother’s battle with a rare disease shaped him.
  • The two most significant mentors in his life.
  • Questions to ask in order to motivate people.
  • How to design a “prize fighter day.”
  • Books Ben would recommend.
  • Advice for increasing your mental toughness.
  • Tips for instilling mental toughness into your team.
  • Ben’s greatest life lesson.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

We always have to ask ourselves the question: how do we choose to respond when adversity strikes? Because our choice when we are challenged determines the story that we write. – @ContinuedFight Click To Tweet
If somebody’s not connecting to their purpose every day, how likely are they to drive the necessary action to be successful? – @ContinuedFight Click To Tweet
I’ve gotta keep working on me, because the moment I become content, how can I possibly serve or help anybody else? -@ContinuedFight Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: