Ep #28: Business Growth Strategies and Enjoying the Ride with Sean Crabtree

Sean Crabtree helped to build and grow many successful companies and has found a focus and passion in training dentists and entrepreneurs in business strategy. He has some valuable advice on how to gain clarity on what your business needs and building a plan that is focused on a bigger purpose that keeps you and your team going.

In this episode, Sean shares his best advice on strategy, culture, leadership, success, intentionality, and much more. He realized where entrepreneurs were stumbling and has created a way to train and coach people who want to get past their hang-ups and grow their business with purpose. Listen in to learn about the many dynamics behind culture, your role as the owner of a business, and how setting aside time to work on the business, as well as working in the business, will help you make sure you’re progressing steadily and effectively.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why business strategy is so important.
  • What strategy questions you should be asking in order to build your business.
  • The importance of learning from your own—and others’—screw-ups.
  • The number one thing you need for your business to be successful.
  • How strategy and culture should work hand-in-hand.
  • The importance of being intentional and having a bigger purpose to work toward.
  • How much you do have control over.
  • Why it’s more about long-term consistency and focus than intelligence.
  • How to gain clarity on setting new goals and facilitating growth.
  • Why you need to set aside more time to work on your business.
  • The importance of vetting your clients.
  • Why you need to be taking the time to care for your health.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I used to think it was strictly healthcare that has the biggest challenges, but I’ve learned that it’s entrepreneurs in general. – @thecrabtreegrp Click To Tweet
A coach is not somebody who knows more than you know; it’s somebody who’s not inside of the game with you. – @thecrabtreegrp Click To Tweet
My definition of an expert is someone who has screwed up a whole lot and learned a bunch from it. -@thecrabtreegrp Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: