Ep #29: ADHD, Cyber Addiction and Schindler’s Gift with Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts has studied ADHD and cyber addiction, and he has come to terms with how they affect his own life. He joins the show today to give us a better understanding of why people with ADHD act the way they do, as well as how typically negative traits and energy can be positively redirected through passion and purpose. You’ll get some truly valuable insight into harnessing the huge gifts and strengths that lie within ADHD.

Kevin also talks about how cyber addiction is affecting our families and success while sharing tips on how to moderate usage in a reasonable way. Listen in to learn why we get attached to technology, the importance of being intentional about our use of devices and games, and what we can take away from Schindler’s experience with ADHD that can be applied in our own lives.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The unusual way Kevin discovered he had ADHD and how he leveraged that to help others.
  • Gifts that can be harnessed within ADHD.
  • Valuable insights that can be taken from Schindler’s life and impact.
  • What shifted Schindler’s energy so he could harness it to be successful.
  • What “shame tanks” are and how they impact us.
  • The importance of having a support system.
  • What causes us to be addicted to technology and how it affects children.
  • Kevin’s recommendations for getting a handle on cyber addiction.
  • What we can learn from his experiences with and studies of video game addiction.
  • The importance of being able to deal with toxic shame in a healthy way.
  • What Kevin has done to surpass addiction and distraction to reach a higher level of performance.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Over the years I’ve just come to see, for a variety of reasons, that if ADHD people figure out how to work through the challenges of ADHD, there are often great gifts on the other side of it. – @ADHDchange Click To Tweet
ADHD people don’t need a job; we need a mission. We need some kind of sense of purpose. But we also need support. – @ADHDchange Click To Tweet
Our social skills as a species are suffering. -@ADHDchange Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: