Ep #33: Revolutionizing Convenience Through Customer Service with Shep Hyken

Customer service is a huge deal when it comes to how a business is perceived and how much it succeeds. The guru of customer service and amazing customer experiences, Shep Hyken, joins us on the show to share his unique perspective on how customer service should be done. He shares how convenience is an age-old marketing strategy that can revolutionize your business and life if implemented in the right way.

Shep gives us valuable insight from the top companies he has observed and worked with firsthand. From seeing how convenience can be revolutionized throughout time, Shep will show you how this can be implemented and executed with excellence. He explains the six principles of convenience, discusses how complications in customer service have been executed effectively, and much more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Shep decided that specializing in the customer experience was where he was meant to be.
  • How his parents shaped the way he thinks.
  • An overview of the fascinating history of convenience.
  • The complications of convenience and how different companies handle it.
  • The six principles that make a business revolutionarily convenient.
  • Defining friction and what it looks like to reduce friction with customers.
  • Examples of convenience in different industries and how it is executed in creative ways.
  • Delivery experiences that are game changers.
  • The importance of constantly reading and learning.
  • How Shep is finding balance with his coaching and speaking schedule.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I just knew that taking care of people was the right thing to do. -@Hyken Click To Tweet
Look at it as a customer service marketing strategy – be more convenient. – @Hyken Click To Tweet
The only way I can continue to put out that information and impart that knowledge is by bringing knowledge into my mind, so I’m constantly reading and learning from others. -@Hyken Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: