Ep #36: The Success Process with Dr. Jason Selk

How do you define success? Do you know where you’re trying to go? Dr. Jason Selk joins us today to share his expertise on high-performance techniques and finding clarity through processes and defining what you want. Jason knows the high-performance field well and has coached professionals in the sports and business worlds to achieve their goals and find massive success.

In this episode, Jason helps us understand what it takes to visualize the details of who you want to be and get started on building your future, now. He has some really valuable insight on what your self-image has to do with your success, how to create process goals that will get you where you want to be, and how to use a mental workout to visualize and stay on track with your goals.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What initially got Jason interested in mental toughness and high performance.
  • How he got involved with the St. Louis Cardinals and developed a platform there.
  • The three legs of balance and how your relationship with each of them affect your life.
  • How Jason’s sports psychology and performance techniques translate across the business world as well as the sports world.
  • How coach John Wooden influenced his career and life.
  • The importance of a process mentality in unlocking your potential.
  • How to create process goals that determine your success.
  • What it means to define your win.
  • What the mental workout is and how Jason uses it to execute his goals daily.
  • How your self-image is like a thermostat for your performance.
  • The number one important tenant of success

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I wasn’t so interested in the physical rehabilitation as I was in the mental and emotional. -@Jason_Selk Click To Tweet
There are things people can do from a mental standpoint that will give them an advantage, even at the highest levels in terms of competition and performance. – @Jason_Selk Click To Tweet
At the highest level, everyone is talking about process. -@Jason_Selk Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: