Ep #37: Stop Playing the Waiting Game with Jesse Krieger

The idea of writing a book may have occurred to you at some point, but knowing where to start—or even why you should spend time doing it—can be a stalling point. Jesse Krieger joins us to share his passion for helping people write and distribute books in a way that is rewarding for them and truly beneficial for others. He discusses the main thing that tends to hold people back from writing and how he helps authors and business owners get past that hurdle.

Jesse’s insight in writing, marketing and distribution is incredibly valuable to anyone playing with the idea of writing and those who are stalled in the midst of the process. He talks about the best ways to balance your story and find your unique passion for producing helpful, interesting and powerful pieces. You will also get some great information on how to use a book to create opportunities, nurture partnerships and benefit your business.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Jesse’s career journey and how he ended up where he is.
  • What to do (or not do) if you’re interested in the idea of writing a book.
  • What the acronym for WAIT is and how it affects your success.
  • How Jesse works with authors to balance story-telling with information and entertainment.
  • What the “resistance” is and how to be aware of it.
  • How a book can be a powerful growth tool for your position or business.
  • How a book can be used to foster partnership opportunities with other businesses and individuals.
  • Strategies for offerings that serve people at different levels.
  • How Jesse helps authors get what they have in their mind onto paper.
  • His best advice on consistently writing and creating.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

By placing the focus on the reader, rather than ourselves, we tap into the part of ourselves that loves to serve but can often be caught up in being selfish or having self-worth issues. -@LE_JesseKrieger Click To Tweet
If there’s no personal story and it’s all how-to and it’s all strategy, then you’ve got a textbook, essentially. How many textbooks have you read and thought, ‘I really want to meet that author or work with them in some way’? -… Click To Tweet
Writing a book is an opportunity to reach a new and wider audience, especially if you have a geographically-based business. -@LE_JesseKrieger Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: