Ep #47: Switching Hats and Building Wealth with Dr. Greg S. Reid

Dr. Greg S. Reid is a top five keynote speaker who has been featured in over 70 books and was chosen by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to carry on the work of Napoleon Hill and partner on their projects. Greg joins the show today to share some of the most important and memorable lessons he picked up over the years he has spent talking with some of the most wealthy and innovative people in the world.

Listen in to learn how Greg’s recent book shifted the way he looks at the world and building wealth, while also discounting much of what he has written in the past. You’ll also hear incredible stories and advice that have changed his thinking on building wealth, as well as actionable steps you can take to start growing your own wealth today.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How passion can get in the way of wealth.
  • The important difference between opinion and wise counsel.
  • What “switching the hat” means and how Greg uses it to focus.
  • How he is able to write so many books despite his dyslexia.
  • What he is doing to modernize the teachings of Think and Grow Rich.
  • How Greg was chosen to take over the Napoleon Hill projects.
  • Why the wealth mindset is a simple thing.
  • How to see past the packaging in order to see the value beneath.
  • Why we shouldn’t let setbacks determine our value as a person.
  • Where the money often comes from.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I am so anti-singular focus it’s not even funny. – @GregReid Click To Tweet
My mind kept exploding because I realized how simple it was. – @GregReid Click To Tweet
What if God and the universe granted every wish in the world, but we didn’t like the packaging, so we sent it away? – @GregReid Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: