Ep #48: Coaching from Experience with Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins has had a fascinating journey in the coaching industry. From an 18-year-old with questions and a mission to help people to someone who speaks to businesses and organizations all over the United States, Jairek’s transformation is inspiring and gave him some great insight to share with us today.

In this episode, he explains some of the exercises he uses to help clients and gives us an idea of what it truly takes to be an effective coach. Whether you are interested in the coaching field or not, Jairek’s wisdom can help you uncover what it takes to use your time effectively, why trial and error is the worst way to learn, and more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Legal repercussions you may not expect from coaching and advice models.
  • Problems with learning through trial and error.
  • The valuable specialists involved in Performance Coach University.
  • How Jairek found out about coaching and found his way into his current path.
  • The importance of having experience in order to be a great coach.
  • How, as a student, Jairek coached a professor on time management.
  • The difference between a mentor and a coach.
  • An important exercise to find answers when it comes to time and money.
  • The experience that shaped Jairek’s way of thinking about how his business is structured.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Trial and error is the stupidest way to learn how to do anything. – @JairekRobbins Click To Tweet
Why do people who are helping so many people get paid so little to do so? – @JairekRobbins Click To Tweet
Since I’ve coached many people through this process, I know good things to try—good things to ask about. – @JairekRobbins Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: