Ep #50: Leadership Through Serving with Anton Gunn

From growing up in a military family to working with five U.S. presidents, Anton Gunn has his finger on the pulse of the leadership space. A former college football star who was raised as a leader from the start, Anton is now an author and thought leader. He not only teaches us some of the most important principles of leadership, but also how to move through tragedy and work through the storm.

Listen in to hear him share his experience working as a spokesperson and communicator for national healthcare, as well as the important lessons he learned along the way. You’ll get a glimpse of Anton’s time working at the White House, discover the ten essential leadership traits he gathered from Barack Obama, and learn how to deal with hardship by reaching outside of yourself to help others.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What originally pushed Anton into the leadership space.
  • How losing his brother to a terrorist attack affected him.
  • What working with five U.S. presidents taught him.
  • The difficulty of providing and communicating about national healthcare.
  • What Anton learned from working as a healthcare spokesperson.
  • Why he compares working in the White House to a hurricane.
  • What he learned about being an example.
  • Ten essential traits he gathered from being around Barack Obama.
  • His mastermind on Think and Grow Rich and how it brings value to everyone involved.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

The word ‘service’ is synonymous—to me—with leadership. – @antonjgunn Click To Tweet
People are not going to do what you say; they’re going to do what you do. – @antonjgunn Click To Tweet
I learned that my healing came when I could help other people. – @antonjgunn Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: