Ep #51: Learning From Hard Times and Taking Accountability for Your Life with JT McCormick

After growing up facing hunger, abandonment, and abuse, JT McCormick defied the odds and took accountability for his life from a young age. In this episode, you’ll hear how JT was able to go from stealing food to becoming the president of two multimillion-dollar companies. His position on positivity and his appreciation for the lessons he learned in the hardest times of his life are truly inspiring.

Listen in as JT discusses pivotal moments and lessons he learned in unconventional ways, as well as how he used his circumstances to level up in life. You will learn how hunger motivated him all the way to top, discover his three rules of leadership that helped him succeed in business, and hear some great advice on keeping things in perspective when life gets overwhelming.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How JT’s difficult childhood affected who he is today.
  • The importance of using hard situations to grow and improve.
  • How hunger shaped and motivated JT.
  • The biggest lessons his father taught him.
  • How to learn from almost anyone in life.
  • The challenges of life without money vs. the opportunities of life with money.
  • How JT and his wife handle overwhelming moments with the kids.
  • The three words he eliminated from his vocabulary as a kid.
  • How to keep life in perspective.
  • The importance of taking responsibility for your own life.
  • JT’s three rules of leadership.
  • How he avoids a destructive victim mentality

Ideas Worth Sharing:

While I think it’s great that we don’t have children go hungry anymore, that hunger {I experienced} definitely shaped the drive in me. – @realjtmccormick Click To Tweet
When that alarm clock goes off at 4 in the morning, I jump my ass out of bed because I’m thankful that I have that opportunity. – @realjtmccormick Click To Tweet
Money is not a wicked thing. Do people do wicked things with it? Yes. – @realjtmccormick Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: