Ep #56: Life Mapping for Abundance with Dana V. Adams

Life mapping has become one of the best ways to find direction, fulfillment, and abundance in your life—but what is it and how does it work? Today I’ve got one of the country’s top thought leaders on the life mapping process, Dana V. Adams, here to answer those questions and more.

Listen in as Dana explains the fundamental principles of life mapping, as well as her personal experience of finding success through the process. Our conversation offers key takeaways that will help you understand yourself better and set yourself for a life of impact. You’ll also learn the importance of understanding your own beliefs and how they should be used to create a significant alignment in your work and life.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Dana’s background in real estate and how she found out about life mapping.
  • The importance of understanding your beliefs and knowing who you are.
  • Three thought-provoking questions that help you move forward effectively.
  • Who life mapping is aimed at and how it helps people individually.
  • The three concepts Dana encourages people to work on.
  • Why core values and integrity in discovering your direction in life matter so much.
  • How to start identifying your own gifts.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

There’s no right or wrong answer; a belief is something we have faith in to be true and we can follow that as a direction for why we’re here and what we’re deciding to do with the time that we have. – Dana V. Adams Click To Tweet
{Life mapping} is applicable to people in all phases of their lives. – Dana V. Adams Click To Tweet
Research says that our strongest sense of self and self-esteem resides in what those core values are. – Dana V. Adams Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: