Ep #58: Tap Into Your Full Potential with Ian Koniak

We have an unbelievable capacity to out-perform our own expectations, but often we need to be forced into it. Today I’ve got leading sales expert Ian Koniak on the show to talk about drive and how important it is to either be pushed or learn how to push yourself into your greatest self. In this episode, he discusses success and learning how to develop your purpose in a way that gets you performing at your highest level.

Listen in as Ian shares his story of massive success in sales and how he keeps himself on course. You’ll learn the surprising thing that actually ended up being a bit of a handicap to him when it came to developing work ethic, as well as how he created a life for himself that challenges him and pushes him to reach higher and achieve more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What got Ian on the path to high performance and success.
  • Why it’s not always a good thing to have things come easy.
  • The challenge of developing work ethic and vision.
  • What pushed Ian to get out of his comfort zone.
  • How teaching in Venezuela lead him into the sales field.
  • The power of pressure and being pushed.
  • How visualization aids your ability and drive.
  • The value of finding someone who believes in you.
  • Why your self-worth shouldn’t be tied to your performance.
  • How Ian plans out his goals.
  • The daily habits he has picked up over the years.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

You have one life to live, and you have to really do everything you can to make the most of each day—and don’t let someone else live the life you want to live. – @DriveSalesNow Click To Tweet
I’m blessed to be able to have things come easy to me, but that’s also a curse in some ways. – @DriveSalesNow Click To Tweet
It’s good to have challenges; it’s good to have adversity. – @DriveSalesNow Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode: