Ep #68: Jordan Paris on Why College Can Be a Financial Scam

We’re once again joined by Jordan Paris, 22-year-old best selling author, podcast host, and entrepreneur featured in Forbes, Men’s Health, Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch, and NASDAQ.

Jordan’s podcast, Growth Mindset University, is ranked #6 in Apple’s Self-Improvement category, #3 in the Training category, #5 in the How-To category. In Education, one of Apple’s most competitive categories, the show was ranked #15. The show is also ranked highly in 40+ countries worldwide. On the show, he interviews young up-and-comers and the most successful people on planet earth like James Altucher, Grant Cardone, Kevin Rudolf, Mark Manson, Dan Millman, Naveen Jain, and Dan Lok.

Jordan’s philosophy is “Don’t make a living, design a life,” and this has definitely shaped his journey. If you want to start the right path to success and still be able to enjoy what you do, then you will love this episode. Jordan and I talk about the issues revolving around getting a formal education. He also shares about his book, The Podcast Playbook, as well as the preparations he’s made for his upcoming TEDx Talk.

Episode Highlights:

  • Is College A Financial Scam? (3:50)
  • TEDx Talk Preparations (17:25)
  • Main Goals Behind the Book: The Podcast Playbook (29:22)
  • Tips for New Podcasters (33:33)
  • Guest to Watch Out For in the Growth Mindset University and Other Exciting Things for the Year Ahead (37:51)
  • What’s Next for Jordan Paris? (43:01)
  • Book Recommendations (43:35)


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


We need to encourage young adults going off to college to consider the ROI in their chosen field.”

“What are the majors that are actually worthwhile? The ones that get you a specialized skill. You come out with a specialized skill, and you are hired because of that skill. Namely accounting, medical school, nursing school, engineering, law school, that’s the kind of stuff that obviously you do have to go to college for.”

“Many teachers … they’re more focused on indoctrinating young people into their ideologies rather than actually teaching.”

“I just think that human behavior and communication is one of the best things that you can learn.”

“Human relationships, in general, were a pain point in my life … over the years, I’ve learned my way out of that pain. There’s a book out there for anything. Seek out the resources from people who ought to know and test what you’ve learned out in the field, the field being everyday life.”