Ep #75 Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle with Curt Mercadante

Curt Mercadante is an international speaker, trainer, and disruptive entrepreneur whose mission is to save the world by helping people fight for freedom and fulfillment. Curt’s speeches and training empower individuals to live their Freedom Lifestyle, and he also hosts the popular Freedom Club Podcast. Raised in the Chicago area, he and his wife, Julie, now live in Charleston, South Carolina, with their four children, when they aren’t traveling the world. Curt is a diehard fan of the White Sox, a superhero nerd, and can frequently be found at his local boxing gym.

In today’s episode, Curt and I discuss his book, Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle. Curt shares some tips on how to make that big leap, from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, based on his own experience. Plus, he also gives some tips on how to live the freedom lifestyle. You can also learn how to get a FREE copy of Chapter 1 of Curt’s book by tuning in to this episode. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

●      Curt’s Journey to Where He Is today (5:00)

●      Lessons Grief Can Teach Us (13:55)

●      Making That BIG Leap (16:45)

●      How to Escape the Comfort Zone (21:45)

●      From the Scarcity Mindset to the Abundance Mindset (27:40)

●      Harnessing Your Superpowers (30:40)

●      What If I Have No Superpowers? (38:10)

●      How to Live the Freedom Lifestyle? (42:09)

●      Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle (45:40)


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

●      If you are a future or aspiring business leader who wants to achieve the next level of success in your profession,, get started by getting my FREE video short course: The Secret to Unleashing Your Top 1 Percent.

●      Know more about Curt through his website: www.curtmercadante.com

●      Join Curt on his Freedom Mindset Radio, a podcast about empowering you to build the life you desire and deserve, instead of being trapped in a lifestyle by default.

●      Grab a copy of Curt’s book, Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle: How to Escape Your Comfort Zone of Misery and learn how to design your lifestyle and make better decisions. Sign up here to get a copy of Chapter 1 for FREE!

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“In many cases, the pain has to be much greater than the promise of pleasure for you to make that change.”

“Your money is the receipt for the value you provide.”

“Focus on the right thing. Focus on helping people.”

“Purpose and impact equal vision.”

“Your vision is gonna be different from my vision.”

“Don’t tell your dreams to small-minded people.”

“When you combine your talent and skill, you turn it into strength.”

“Every single person has these talents. Whether you invest in them or not, it is up to you.”

“You can’t escape to freedom if you don’t know you are in prison.”

“Realizing that you are in prison is the first step.”

“It’s not about the grind. It’s about getting in the state of flow.”

“Why do you have to be in pain on ten things when you only have to be in pain on three things?”
“You can work hard while you are working smart.”