Episode #76: $5 Million – The Science of Success

John Mitchell’s 12-minute-a-day Think It, Be It technique is recognized today as the top practical application in the world of the legendary book, “Think and Grow Rich.” When he applied his technique and made it his new morning routine, it impacted his daily mindset and his life. John saw his income go up by 25 times, over what it was the prior 20 years. Also, he met his wife by doing this. The science behind John’s technique was profiled in a Time Magazine cover story. He also teaches this technique as a class at the University of Texas in Austin.

In today’s episode, John and I dig deeper into his famous mental technique, the 12-Minute-A-Day Methodology. John tells us the story on how his life started to change as he turned 50. Listen in as he shares powerful insights on the factors affecting success and discover how you can effectively apply the change in your daily life.

Episode Highlights:

●      John’s Entrepreneurial Journey and Getting His Defining Moment at 50 (3:00)

●      Putting Together the Practical Application of the Book “Think and Grow Rich”(10:02)

●      Understanding the 12-Minute-A-Day Methodology (12:15)

●      HOW the Methodology Works (18:06)

●      WHY the Methodology Works (23:58)

●      The 2 Scientific Discoveries That Affects A Person’s Achievement in Life the Most (31:28)

●      Finding the Right Audience (42:48)


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●      See the legendary book for yourself: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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“I realized if I didn’t start making over a million dollars a year, I’d never have that exceptional life that I’ve always dreamed of. It wasn’t so much [about] the money as much as it was creating freedom and that sense of accomplishment. ”

“By applying science to my life for the first time ever, I was influencing my daily thoughts and actions. And clearly I was operating at a higher level than I ever had before.”

‘’In the book, it says there’s a secret for creating success. But the author is only gonna give you half of the secret. It’s on you to figure out the other half.”

“The central concept that I uncovered was what you envisioned in detail on a daily basis is what shows up in your life.”

“We live in this world of clutter, and we have so much coming at us that we don’t even recognize a profound when it hits us up the head. ”

“What the book basically says is that you have to program yourself every day to override that innate programming.”

“You’ve got to override that operating system that gears you to survival, and you have to do it every day.”

“People are not used to influencing themself with repetition, only with logic. That’s why they’re great at influencing the intentions but not great at impacting what determines their success, which is their every day thoughts and ongoing actions.”

“My take on the secret is you don’t just imagine what you want, and it magically appears. The missing part of the secret was yes, you gotta envision in detail what you want but more important than that, exactly how are you going to get it.”

“We got strategies coming at our ears. What we need is to make those strategies show up in our thoughts and actions. That’s what makes this different than everything else in the success and human achievement field.”

“Control itself is your everyday actions. Focus is your ongoing thoughts, and your ongoing thoughts determine your everyday actions.”

“Success in life is way simpler than you think it is. When you feed yourself this immense amount of intention and clarity and feed that clarity to yourself every day, the magic happens.”