How We Think Leadership Works vs. How It Actually Works | Mark Green

Today’s guest is a speaker, author, strategic advisor, and business & leadership growth coach to CEOs and executive teams worldwide. He is driven by a relentless passion to liberate human potential and has addressed, coached, and advised thousands of business leaders across a wide range of industries over the past 16 years.

His integrity, direct style, and powerful intuition accelerate team performance, distributed decision-making, productivity, revenue, and profitability. Clients also report significantly lower stress, reduced time consumed by the business, and vastly improved life balance. His books – Activators – a CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done and Creating a Culture of Accountability – tackle costly, real-world issues with practical, easy-to-implement research-based tools and techniques.

Join me in welcoming Mark Green and tune in as we discuss his journey to where he is today, his book, Activators, and some tips on becoming a high-level leader. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

● Mark’s Journey to Executive Coaching [1:45]

● Building a Community Around You [05:30]

● Benefits of Affiliating [11:18]

● Ideas and Intellectual Property [11:28]

● The Duality Gap [13:10]

● How We Think Leadership Works vs. How It Actually Works [20:50]

● Hack to Overcome the Need to be Liked [25:15]

● Productive Behaviors on Leadership [30:50]

● Common Struggle with High-Level Leaders [36:00]

● Book Recommendations and More [41:00]

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

● I believe anyone can be a leader in today’s world that’s why I’ve created a short, user-friendly book called Redefining the Top 1 Percent. Get your FREE copy by joining our Facebook Group here. Not only are you getting a free copy of my book, but you’ll also get lots of FREE training and resources on a weekly basis.

● Go to to know more about Mark, his books, speaking engagements, and tools and assessments you can take to help you be a high-level leader.

● Grab your copy of Activators, a book where Mark Green exposes the unconscious mechanisms that interfere with your thinking and results.

● Connect with Mark thru this Contact Form or through the following:

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● Book Recommendations:

o Radical Candor by Kim Scott

o Turn the Ship Around! by L. David Marquet

o Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini


“You cannot be the smartest person in the room if you want to grow and improve. You’ve got to surround yourself with people who intimidate you a little bit, in a good way.”

“You don’t need to be a proprietary to have an amazing impact on the planet.”

“Psychological research tells us that our choices and behaviors align with who we feel we are right now, not with some idea that we aspire to in the future.”

“We have these voices in our head that sub-optimize our ability to make decisions and take actions as we ideally should.”

“You need to replace a need to be liked with a need to be respected.”

“You have to care deeply but you’ve got to be able to tell people the honest truth.”

“You should be asking 10 questions for every statement you make.”