Johannes Voelkner’s Journey to Being a Digital Nomad

If you could live or work anywhere, where would it be? Way back in 2007, Tim Ferriss popularized the digital nomad lifestyle through his book, the Four Hour Work Week. It helped to spawn a revolution of people freeing themselves from traditional work. One example is Johannes Voelkner.

Johannes Voelkner is the Founder of the Nomad Cruise, where location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads come together for a business conference on a cruise boat twice a year. After becoming a Digital Nomad in 2010, it was two years into that journey when Johannes realized that he definitely missed having like-minded people around him. So he took action and started to build the community that ultimately led to one of the largest digital nomad Facebook groups and the accidental creation of Nomad Cruise, which now attracts nearly 500 participants on each voyage and is one of the largest ‘workation’ events in the world.  He is also the founder of Homebase Global, a travel community for remote workers.

Listen and learn more about the emerging digital nomad lifestyle and the various nomadic hot spots all over the world. Tune in to find out if this lifestyle is fit for you! Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

●       Johannes Journey to Being a Digital Nomad (2:50)

●       Facebook Post to Nomad Cruise: Behind-The-Scenes Story (7:25)

●       Becoming A Digital Nomad And Travel The World (11:00)

●       Nomadic Hot Spots All Over the World (16:00)

●       Design Your Life at Sea – Learn more about Nomad Cruise (20:40)

●       Book Recommendations (23:30)


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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●       Book recommendations:

o   The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

o   Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

o   The Lean Startup by Eric Ries


“Being a digital nomad, or someone who combines work with traveling around the world is a really good way to fulfill your dreams.”

“When you are traveling, you need to stick to your schedule or keep the same routine.”

“Either you are becoming a part of a community, or you join the nomad communities where you actively meet other people around the world who are doing this as well.”

“You can meet on one (1) cruise more people and make more connections than I did in four (4) years of traveling.”

“You really need a community. You either need to be traveling with your partner, or you need to meet other people who are doing this as well; otherwise, this lifestyle can get very lonely quickly.”