Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton’s Journey in Building a Business with Facebook Groups

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook Groups are at the heart of the new Facebook experience. Just like him, your business should also consider shifting the focus to Facebook Groups. Our guests for today believe that now is the BEST time to do so.

For today’s episode, join me in welcoming not one but two special guests, Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton. Landon and Chris have been building client-getting Facebook groups together for 4 years. They got their start by consulting with 7 & 8-figure brands – helping them build thriving communities around their programs & generate millions in additional revenue.

Since then, they’ve branched out to focus on growing their own community & coaching programs. In the past 7 months, they’ve taken their brand new Facebook group from zero to a $4 million/ year run rate.

Tune in as Landon and Chris explain to us what their business is and what they can do to help us. They share some Facebook secrets and give us insights on Facebook group growth and how to convert your group members to paying customers.

Episode Highlights:

● Landon and Chris’ Journey in Building a Business with Facebook Groups [2:07]

● Using Paid Ads to Grow Facebook Groups[6:05]

● Strategies on Facebook Group Growth [10:58]

● Tips on Converting Free to Paid Users [16:40]

● Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business [22:35]

● Book Recommendations [28:38]


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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● Know more about using Facebook Groups to build your community and your business at

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● Connect with Landon and Chris:

o Landon’s Facebook

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● Book Recommendations:

o Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

o How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson


“There’s so many people that get caught up in the rat race of content that it starts to get a little watered down. It suppresses their creativity in a way.”

“Our main goal with our Facebook Group is to get people raise their hands looking to have a conversation with us.”

“The two highest-paid skills in the world are copywriting and leadership.”

“If you can’t learn how to communicate in a way that allows people to take action on something that is good for them, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble.”

“As the business grows bigger, the pressure to perform well is also getting bigger.”

“Helping clients win should be your number one obsession.”