Redefining the Top 1%

Welcome to this introductory episode of Redefining the Top 1%. If you’ve been a follower of the show for some time, you’ll know that the original title was The Top 1%. Though I still love that title and everything that it represents, over the course of time, it’s become evident to me that the mission of this show and all the work that I’m doing is to create a community of current and aspiring leaders who are role models as well as high performers.

The mission is to help leaders acquire and master the skills and behaviors necessary to protect guide and mentor the members of their own tribe. You see, each individual on your team, in your family, or within your larger sphere of influence has made a decision to tie themselves to your wagon and put their faith in you for their guidance and ultimately their security. That’s an honor and a privilege, and it’s not something to be taken for granted.

As leaders, you and I have the chance to make incredible things happen for those we shepherd both inside and outside our organizations. So in the coming episodes, we have world-renowned guests like Seth Godin, Jay Abraham, Marshall Goldsmith, Chester Elton, and many more bringing us their best advice about what it takes to lead with excellence and impact in the admittedly complex modern world.

Stay tuned, stay engaged, and subscribe to the show so that together we can continue to Redefine the Top 1%.

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