The 5 Question Process | Dane Maxwell

Our guest for today is Dane Maxwell. He wants you to ask yourself the question, “What have you always wanted to be?”. Dane loves to sing, and he pursued business after hurting his voice at the age of 21. He started 16 businesses, failed at 11, succeeded with 5, and helped create over 15 multi-millionaires from his training. Now, he continues to guide individuals in their own entrepreneurial journeys.

In this episode, Dane talks about how he carved his path into the world of business. He even shares his 5 Question Process and tries it on me! Tune in with us as Dane shares more of his entrepreneurial insights that can help you improve your strategies.

Episode Highlights:

●       Dane Finds His Place in this World (2:09)

●       The Right Mindset to Bring with You as an Entrepreneur (4:50)

●       Starting Your Business with Happiness and Love (9:26)

●       Some of Dane’s Most Successful Students (16:30)

●       The 5 Question Process (25:05) 5 questions

●       Dane and I Try the 5 Question Process (28:16)

●       A Sneak Peak of Dane’s Upcoming Book – Start From Zero: Build Your Own Business & Experience True Freedom (47:34)

●       What You Need to Get to That Million (51:25)


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●       The Back of the Napkin and Blah Blah Blah: What To Do When Words Don’t Work by Dan Roam

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●       Dane’s categorized book recommendations according to your needs are all in here.


“I really struggled to belong in the world. I still do some days. When I found entrepreneurship, I really found a home.”

“When you love people more than you ever thought you could, possible, it’s easily counterintuitive but very profitable thing to do.”

“Becoming successful in business does not fix the sense of worthiness and significance.”

“Love of money is a good thing; it’s the attachment that’s not.”

“Technicians trade time for money, entrepreneurs trade time for ownership, equity, and freedom.”