The Blessings We’ve Been Given and The Blessings We Should Give Away

Welcome to episode #109 of The Top One Percent podcast. “When you pray, do not ask for more blessings; ask for more wisdom so that you can see how to use the blessings you already have.” That’s not my quote. I’m not sure whose quote it is, but I thought it was too good not to share. Success by nature is something that must be given away in order to keep it.

Those who help the greatest number of other people to achieve success are themselves the most successful. The founders of the United States recognize this and wrote it into the constitution to allow the highest amount of personal autonomy and reward those who are willing to take the initiative. It seems that what has happened, though, is that we have become prisoners of our own abundance.

Somehow over time, we become indifferent and complacent about the privilege of living in a country such as ours. The federal government has been overly involved in our finances, and we’ve become complacent. The privilege and gift of being able to earn an overwhelming amount of success from personal effort, creative vision, and determination have been hugely underestimated, and the consequences have been catastrophic.

We still have the right to choose our own occupations. We still have the right to vote for those. We wish to represent us in office, and we still have the right to worship the God we believe in, in the manner we choose. It’s our role as leaders to guide our teams and organizations, to understand the power of purpose and personal investment in the future of their own creation.

You and I can make a real difference by empowering those. We lead to value, autonomy, possibility, and personal power. We owe them our very best. And that starts with recognizing the opportunities we’ve been blessed with.

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