This Entrepreneur Taught Himself to Code After Leaving a High-Paying Corporate Job | Ryan Coon of Avail

I’m glad to introduce to you our special guest, Ryan Coon. He is a co-founder and the CEO of Avail, an all-in-one software solution designed for do-it-yourself landlords. Before Avail, Coon was an investment banking associate at BMO Capital Markets.

Ryan has a hardworking spirit, and together with his co-founder Laurence Jankelow, they developed the idea for their company on a napkin that now solves the needs of thousands of landlords. His goal is to help the real estate market to become as transparent and as efficient as the stock market is.

Today, Ryan and I talk about his leap from the corporate world to his real passion in life. He also shares his advice on starting a new venture and communicating with investors.

Episode Highlights:

●      Redirection Towards Entrepreneurship [1:29]

●      Tips for Career Change and Getting Into Business [3:50]

●      What They Do at Avail [7:09]

●      Tools You Can Find on Avail [12:01]

●      Real Estate for First-Timers  [13:20]

●      Raising Capital and Growing Your Business [15:01]

●      Book Recommendations [18:30]


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

●      If you are a future or aspiring business leader who wants to achieve the next level of success in your profession, get started by getting my FREE video short course: The Secret to Unleashing Your Top 1 Percent.

●      Learn more about Ryan, his team, and what they can do for you at They also have articles, guides, and resources that you can check out!

●      Connect with Ryan:

o   LinkedIn

o   Twitter

●      Book Recommendations:

o   Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh

o   Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs  by John Doerr

o   Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight


“Be creative. There are unlimited opportunities out there. You just have to be willing to go for it.”

“The truth is overnight successes don’t really happen.”

“There are some things that frankly as an entrepreneur, you do, and you don’t wanna do.”

“Raising outside capital is not as glamorous as it sounds. It’s a lot like dating. Going on a lot of dates, you have to find the right match and the right chemistry. ”